Join me at Techshop for a tutorial workshop on technical graphics
with POV-Ray,  a free cross-platform 3D ray tracing application that has
extremely high quality output.
Technical graphics with POV-Ray
POV-Ray has a text-based interface; essentially a programming language for graphics.
This makes it ideal for technical illustrations, simulations, and virtual prototyping of projects.
These factors make POV-Ray an all-around useful tool for both hobbyists and professionals.
To get the most out of this workshop, bring your laptop (Mac, Win, Linux, etc.)along and get your hands “dirty” coding some interesting looking objects. For a head start, download and install POV-Ray from
In the first part (Saturday, March 31, 2007), you’ll get a flavor of how the program works, what it is capable of, and how make simple and complex objects in POV-Ray's scene description language.
In the second part (Saturday, April 7, 2007), you’ll learn how to make things look realistic in POV-Ray, how to make animations, how to render efficiently, as well as some advanced tricks and techniques.
In this two-part hands-on workshop, I'll help you jump right in and get a running start at 3D illustration and animation.
Sign up for the class at TechShop  Seating is limited!