A few example images: still images and stills from my animations,
written and rendered entirely in POV-Ray.
Technical Graphics with POV-Ray
Cryogenic vacuum chamber illustration
“The Aquarium” - IRTC entry
Ultraviolet imaging lens with lasers and ion trap
Electric field vectors in an ion trap (Still from animation)
Seismic isolation table
Fractal reflections between spheres - 2
Snowflake Fractal
Quantization axes in an ion trap (Still from an animation)
Angular distribution of atomic fluorescence-1
Titanium:Sapphire pulsed laser (still from animation)
Magneto-optic atom
 trap illustration
Homopolar motor diagram
Animation path
cos(r), illustrated with an array of gold spheres
Angular distribution of atomic fluorescence-2
Sponge Fractal
Gear chain
(still from animation)